hi again

I have just finished reading a book called ‘my life on TV’, if you have not read this book then I would advise you to read it, for it is an awsome book. It is basically a girl called sam has a blog just like me and she writes nearly everyday about how everything is going and how her pop star siter is doing, then one day her best friend comes back from holiday and brings her cousin along and then sam has a mager crush on him.

At the moment I am at my nans house with my cousins, my sister, my aunt and uncle, my nan and my parents. me and my youngest cousin are just making up random stuff like; car friends, football friends, it is really random. Also when I pulled a cracker I ended up with a cork, so I swopped it for my dads wiskey flask so I can fill it with water and drink it later. Guess what now my oldest cousin is talking to his girlfriend.

See you later I am going to open some presents now.


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