One awkward day

One day there was a family of 4.One of them, Isobel, was supposed to be going to the theatre until she said that she felt ill, so mum called Isobel’s friend’s mum and told her that she couldn’t go to the theatre.

The family just sat and waited till Isobel said that she was going to throw up, she didn’t actually throw up but still said that her tummy hurt. After a while, the dad gave Isobel some nurofen, and in half on hour’s time she started bouncing on the sofa. The mum got angry and told isobel that she just said to her friend’s mum that she couldn’t go, so it was going to be really awkward telling the friend’s mum she can go again. Isobel said sorry and went to get dressed.

After about ten minutes she was ready to go and then the dad decided that he should just take them all down there, he asked the friend’s mum and she said ok so he went off to fetch them and take them to the theatre, so there was only the eldest girl, Chloe,  and the mum left.

Chloe went to print off a nature trail because they decided to go to the woods, but suddenly they found out that there wasn’t any ink in the printer so now the family don’t know what to do!

This paragraph is made by Chloe, thank you very much if you read it and you can see how it was one awkward day! If you want to find out more about my stories then you can probably get some good things off my blog by going to, I hope you enjoy!



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