My poem for this week

this is my poem for this week:

my hamster

he rolls in a ball,

he is rather small,

he lives in a house,

but he is not a mouse,

he has different types of foods,

for his different moods,

he never crys,

because you don’t see water near his beautiful eyes,

my hamster rules,

he is really cool,

he likes to play,






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2 Responses to “My poem for this week”

  1. tigger says:

    Really like the poem Chloe.
    Nan x

  2. charlotte2hip1839 says:

    thank you very much nan if you want you can write a poem and probably be the poem of the week because nobody is writing anything. by the way the theme this week is pets and you have until Sunday to write your poem.also keep on coming on here because you don’t want to miss out on anything.also if you want to write any questions or anything just keep on writing!! 🙂