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sometimes on Friday, Saturday or Sunday I might write ” a sneaky peak at Mondays theme ” this means that you get a few more days to write a poem on that theme so for example if we were doing a theme on the Olympics I might write ” a sneaky peak at  Mondays theme” on say Friday and write that on Monday the theme is Olympics and you would get 2-3 days to think about what you are going to write a poem on that is to do with the Olympics,the only thing is is that you can only think, write  ideas on a piece of paper or  write the poem on apiece of paper because I don’t thoroughly  announce that the theme is  Olympics until Monday.

Something else you might want to know:

every Monday I announce the theme it is going to be that week  and then every Sunday I announce which poem is the best (poem of the week).

If you don’t want to write a poem.

if you don’t want to write a poem that is fine , you could write a comment,write some ideas of what you might like to see in poetry corner,if you think i need to improve on something or anything else you think might help make poetry corner full of poems!



if one day I say that the theme is going to be on one of your favorite poems what I mean is that you have to go  and  look up some poems and see what poem you think is your favorite then write  it down and send it to me , i will as always have poem of the week.


2 poems of the week

if I say that there are 2 poems of the week it means that I couldn’t choose between those 2 poems.


if you don’t  get poem of the week.

if you don’t get poem of the week it doesn’t matter because if you keep following me and writing  poems I bet you that you will get poem of the week in no time



asking questions

if you would like to ask questions I will try my best to answer it.Also when you are poem of the week I will ask you some questions about the poem that you wrote for example what is the poem about, does it make you feel happy or sad , could you have made it even better. i will also send you a word that I think describes it well.


what can you do once you have sent your poem in and waiting for me to tell you  who is poem of the week?

if you have all ready sent your poem in and are waiting for me to tell you who poem of the week is you could write another poem so that you have more chance of getting poem of the week. also you could as i said earlier add a compliment tell me how I could improve  poetry corner,and also you can ask as many questions as you like so just feel free to ask things about poem of the week or if  I could give some examples of the theme for that week or anything else.



How I could improve

well that is a question that you need to answer


if there is anything else you would like to know you can ask all the questions you like!


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