a little about me

Ok I want to tell you a little about me now:

silly incidences!

Ok once I went to the park and i was with my bike, I found a MASSIVE hill in the way of the playground, and guess what, instead of nicely walking the bike down the hill I got on my bike and went zooming  down the hill and CRASHHHH!!! I went with my bike over a log into a pile of stinging nettles, boy it hurt, but don’t worry i’m fine now!

Also when I was a little bit younger I got a meat hammer(looks a bit like a hammer but it smashes meat) because I always used to collect stuff from the kitchen and one day I collected a meat hammer and I went into the living room and started to smash the TV!

The clubs I do these

Ok at school I do a cooking club its so fun! My favorite thing that I have made there is Halloween cupcakes!

I also did a touch typing course so i’m sort of writing to you in touch typing fingers.

I also do trampolining which is really fun too!

Have I done any other sports?

well i have done skiing the only thing is I nearly broke my leg but yeah my mum helped me work out how to slow down!

I also did some canoeing once which was fun but it was also quite tiring! I also like having a go on the water balls or hamster balls.

whats on the TV right now?

well at the moment on the TV is strictly come dancing and its the last couple Lisa and robin poor robin just fell when he was trying to get up the stairs! my favorite couple is Dani Harmour and Vincent  next would be Danice and James and then it would be Lisa and Robin, I hope Dani goes to Wembly!

sad sad sad!

guess what babes only a few days ago I got burgled that made me feel so depressed!


oh my god babes isn’t gangnamstyle like the hottest thing on  earth right now and haven’t you ever noticed that psy always has glasses on even when he’s in the pool (although he isn’t really wearing glasses it’s goggles but you get what i’m saying.)

I’m a celebrity GET ME OUTTA HERE!!

Ok I know i’m a celebrity is a little yuck but try and think positive and see how many times someone screams and call them the screamer and the one thats Italian look out for when they call a bowl of worms ‘spaghetti bolagnese’!

question time!!!

what do you want for Christmas?

do you like celebrity get me  out of here?

whats your favourite subject at school?

do you do any sports?

whats your favourite song?

whats your favourite sport?

whats your favourite meal?

whats your favourite thing to do when its raining and you can’t go out?

do you have a blog of your own?

do you have a brother or sister?



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